Everyone remembers IT’S A KNOCKOUT the ultimate in team building, public/private fundraising events. It’s a knockout is a action packed fun event that is amusing for participants of all ages and very entertaining to watch. Teams battle it out over a number of heats at various stations From obstacle courses to wet slippery slides, we have a whole range of activities to tailor make your very own competition We have over 15 games which from you can choose, giving the option of allowing your contestants to stay dry or really throwing them into the old fashioned it’s a knockout and getting completely soaked with our foam cannons, of course, you can have a combination of the two if you want, we have design packages to suit all budgets and venues. We supply all the necessary equipment and personnel including a professional compare with a p.a system, score keeper and arena crew. All that is needed is a suitable venue, indoors or out, with a flat area of approximately 50 meters by 35 meters (smaller indoor venues such as large sport halls can be used). It’s the knockout can accommodate from 25 to 150 contestants of any age and fitness levels, dependent on the size of venue chosen and your choice of games we will liaise with you to organize teams before the event to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

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