The sweet smell of popcorn and candy floss being made fresh is truly irresistible and fills the room to draw people over. Our stalls and carts have made welcome appearances at many different kinds of events – Weddings, school proms, children’s parties, film themed events, corporate presentations and exhibitions. All of our stalls and carts are displayed as vintage style.

As with all of our hire services we offer popcorn, candyfloss and doughnuts carts as part of an all-inclusive package with staff to make and serve unlimited amounts as standard normally 2/3 hrs but can hire longer depending on amount of guest etc or can be self-serve by the portion min 80 portion [popcorn only]

You can have an extra member of staff with a hustler tray to deliver the goodies to your guests while they enjoy your presentation. Other products can be included with this if required.

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